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Welcome to the KW Trams website !
KW Trams - makers of white metal and pewter tram kits and motorising units, plus the ex-ABS road vehicles & figures.

Note, the KW tram kits are listed under OO gauge, O gauge etc. All of the ex ABS tram and road vehicle kits (Anbrico, BEC, Varney, MTS etc) are listed under ABS.

We have some painted OO and O gauge figures available - they are listed under Painted Figures. We only have one of each set, but if there is sufficient demand then we will do some more.

We are running low on the stock of Chris Cornell's etched brass kits - see OO gauge / Chris Cornell. Some of the kits have run out completely and at the moment there are no plans to get more etches done.

If you are looking for a tram kit for a specific town, check out the list in the downloads section below.

Also in the downloads section are some notes on running in motors so that they run well.

If you are planning to use our transfers, then read the notes in the downloads section. Note - we now have 3 different batches of transfers. The first are our original KW Trams transfers, these are printed on an inkjet printer and have been sprayed with multiple coats of clear lacquer. We have also started printing some of our transfers using a laser printer so they don't need the clear lacquer coat. Most of the KW transfers are printed on white decal paper. There are also the transfers we got as part of the purchase of ABS - these are professionally produced transfers and are on a clear background, but some were printed quite a while ago so need careful handling.

Not all of the available OO gauge spares are listed separately, there is a separate list in the downloads section at the bottom of the page. If there are other parts that I make but are not on the list, then let me know what you want.

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