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Welcome to the KW Trams website !
KW Trams - makers of white metal and pewter tram kits and motorising units

Despite Covid 19, we are still working.

We have introduced more of the kits that were part of the ABS range, but weren't actually released by Adrian. This includes a number of O gauge works cars. It also includes a number of the ex BEC trams - the Manchester Pilcher and Standard, the Leeds Horsfield, the Glasgow Standard and the ex Anbrico Bradford Balcony. There are also a lot of additional spare parts.

If you are looking for a tram kit for a specific town, check out the list in the downloads section below.

Also in the downloads section are some notes on running in motors so that they run well.

If you are planning to use our transfers, then read the notes in the downloads section.

Not all of the available OO gauge spares are listed separately, there is a separate list in the downloads section at the bottom of the page. If there are other parts that I make but are not on the list, then let me know what you want.

  • N Gauge

  • O Gauge

  • OO Gauge