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KW 006j Open top 4 window reversed stair car


This kit represents one of the types of standard cars built in the early 1900s.
Open top car 4 window lower sides, 4 vents, reversed stairs, headlamp in mid dash, Brill 21E truck sides.
Towns that had this type of tram include: Gravesend & Northfleet 11-20, Lancaster 1-10, Sheerness 1-8, Swansea 46-49, Weston-super-Mare 1-12, Wrexham 1-10
Our sample is painted as a Lancaster car.
Truck - ME24S10 or equivalent - see OO gauge motors section of this web site.

For transfers for the Lancaster version of this kit, see KW 006j Lancaster transfers in the transfers section of this web site.

In addition, by using alternate parts, the following trams can be made:-
Chatham 1-25 – headlamp on balcony
Cheltenham 1-8 – headlamp on balcony
Lancaster 1-10 - balcony headlamp
Taunton 1-6 – headlamp on balcony

If you wish to make one of these, then let me know and I will provide the appropriate parts.