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KW 028 Blackpool Toastrack


This kit is of the second batch of Blackpool toastrack cars numbers 161 to 166. They were built by BCT in 1927. They were slightly shorter than the previous toastracks and had 13 crossbench seats. In 1936/7 they were rebuilt with pairs of seats and a central gangway (see kit KW028a). They were taken out of service in September 1939 and put into storage. 161 became a water tank tram (kit KW029), and cars 165 & 166 became TV cars (kits KW030 & KW030a).
166 was presented to the Tramway Museum Society in 1972 and has been restored to its original condition.

Kit includes white metal parts, etched brass seats and decals.

Motor - ME900 or equivalent.

For unmotorised dummy bogie - ME18U09 or equivalent.