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KW 105 Southampton Balcony Top


This kit represents one of the types of standard cars built in the early 1900s.
Balcony top car 3 window upper & lower sides, 4 vents, 180 degree stairs, headlamp in mid dash, Brill 21E truck sides.
Towns that had this type of tram include:
Doncaster 26-36
Lincoln 9-11
Luton 1,2,4,5
Preston 13, 18, 22
Rawtenstall 1-16
Rotherham 1-4 (2nd batch)
Southampton 82-91

Our sample is painted as a Southampton car.

Truck - MEO42D16 or equivalent

Additional parts you may require
GlazeOstd 10 thou glazing x3
GlazeOOthin 5 thou glazing x0
Wire1 Brass wire 1mm x4
KW1SSBDBL Double Garden seats x14 seats
KW1SSBSGL Single Garden Seat x0 seats