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KW 112 Bexley


This kit is of one of the original 12 open top cars, which were built in 1903 by Dick, Kerr & Co. Four more, almost identical cars (13-16) were bought in 1904. The car bodies were built by the Electric Railway & Tramway Carriage Works of Preston. They had 5 windows each side, reversed stairs and a capacity of 22 passengers inside and 30 outside. They were mounted on Peckham 10A 6 foot wheelbase trucks.

Truck - MEO42D16
For transfers for this kit, see KW 112 Bexley transfers in the transfers section of this web site.

Additional parts you may require
GlazeOstd 10 thou glazing x2
GlazeOOthin 5 thou glazing x0
Wire1 Brass wire 1mm x9
KW1SSBDBL Double Garden seats x16 seats
KW1SSBSGL Single Garden Seat x0 seats