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ME24S10 4 wheel truck


ME24S10 4 wheel single drive truck, 24mm wheelbase, 10.5mm wheels

Fits the following models amongst others:
KW Trams - KW002, KW002a, KW002b, KW002c, KW002d, KW002e, KW002f, KW002g, KW002i, KW002j, KW002m, KW002n, KW002p, KW002r, KW005c, KW006f, KW007e, KW007f, KW015, KW018, KW021
Tramalan - TA2 Demi car, TA5 Liverpool Altona
ABS - R400 Hull balcony, R402 Hull enclosed

These are the ex-BEC trucks.