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KW 002c Leeds ex Liverpool


This kit is of the open top cars sold to Leeds from Liverpool. In Leeds they were numbered 44, 46, 55, 79 & 83.
A car of the same type was Coventry 8.

A set of transfers for the Leeds version is available from http://www.tramads.co.uk/

Note, our kits contain white metal or pewter parts only. In order to keep prices down, they do not include motors, seats, glazing, wire, etched brass fittings, trolley poles, figures, decals etc.

Truck - ME24S10

Additional parts you may require
GlazeOOstd 10 thou glazing x2
GlazeOOthin 5 thou glazing x0
Wire07 Brass wire 0.7mm x6
PCMDSEAT Double Garden seats x13 seats
PCMSSEAT Single Garden Seat x3 seats
Numbers include 2 single + 2 double to make 2 triple seats