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KW 056 Great Orme tram


This kit is of the Great Orme cars.
The four Great Orme passenger cars were built in 1902 / 1903 by Hurst Nelson & Co Ltd of Motherwell. They were numbered 4 to 7. Cars 4 & 5 run on the lower section of the line, cars 6 & 7 on the upper.
The line was named Great Orme Tramways from 1902 to 1934, Great Orme Railway from 1934 to 1977, and now Great Orme Tramway.
In 1991, the cars were given names, 4 St Tudno, 5 St Silio, 6 St Seiriol, 7 St Trillo

Truck Bogie: KW Trams ME16U09 (OO gauge) or METT16U09 (TT gauge) - 16mm 4 wheel bogies, 9 mm wheels, or equivalent

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