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KW 064 Norwich 1-40


Our kit is based on Norwich 4 wheel open top cars 1-40.
These cars were built by Brush in 1900. They had 17 foot long saloons and were mounted on Peckham cantilever trucks.
A number of modifications were made to the cars over the next 20 years including fitting track brakes, new lifeguards and lifetrays, upper deck sides and electric headlamps.
In 1906 5 cars (numbers 7, 9, 16, 32 & 36) were fitted with Mountain & Gibson radial trucks. They were virtually identical to Coventry cars 11-20 so this kit can be used to make these too.

The kit contains a number of alternative parts to allow most versions of the Norwich or Coventry cars to be built.

Note – this kit builds a narrow gauge tram, and so an OO gauge motor will be difficult to fit, but a TF (TT finescale) motor will fit.

Truck - MENTF24S10 or equivalent - - see Other Scales / 3mm Scale section of this web site.

For transfers for this kit, see KW 0064 Norwich transfers in the OO gauge transfers section of this web site.