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KW 123a Glasgow Works 2


The expansion of the Glasgow electrification of its tramway service in its earliest years created a need to new rolling stock beyond the capacity of the Coplawhill Car Works. In order to meet this demand, the decision was made to electrify 120 of the horse trams that had recently been withdrawn. The first car converted retained its short platform, but the rest had new extended teak underframes, lengthened platforms and new quarter-turn stairs. The canopies were extended and they were mounted on 6’0” Brill 21E trucks.
Car 120 became Mains department tool van 2. It was converted to single deck, had boarded up main windows and raised bow springs. It was finally scrapped in 1959. Our kit is based on this car.

Truck - MEO42D16 or equivalent - see O gauge motors section of this web site.

For transfers, see KW123a tr Glasgow Works transfers.