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R435 Glasgow Standard


This is the ex ABS ex BEC kit of the Glasgow Standard tramcars. The Glasgow Standard first appeared in 1898 as an open top uncanopied car with 90° direct stairs, mounted on a Brill 21E truck with 6'0" wheelbase. By 1905 new cars were being built with canopies, 180° direct stairs and short canopy top covers, mounted on 7'0" Brill 21E trucks. After 1910 new cars were vestibuled with the dash angled to fit, from which the ‘Hex Dash’ is derived. In the late 1920's and early 1930's all Standards were modernised being totally enclosed and fitted onto Brill 21E 8'0" trucks equipped with high speed motors, roller bearings and air brakes. Finally all cars were fitted with Bow Collectors in the mid 1950's. This kit depicts a ‘Hex Dash' car in its final form.